Knows all the types of lipstick on the market

The lipstick in some countries, is a cosmetic product that contains pigments, oils, waxes and emollients that give color and texture to the lips.

There are many types of lipsticks: glossy, creamy, matte, with decorations, moisturizers, and even with different smells and flavors.


Lips with various colors of lipstick applied.
It is known to have been worn for about 5000 years in ancient Mesopotamia, when semi-precious jewelry was crushed and applied to the lips and occasionally around the eyes. Women in the ancient Indus Valley applied lipstick to their lips to decorate their pretty face. The Ancient Egyptians extracted a red-violet dye of fucus-algin, 0.01% iodine, and some mannite bromine, which resulted in serious diseases. Cleopatra had her lipstick made from crushed carmine beetles, which had a deep red pigment, and ants for the base. The lipsticks with glossy effects were initially made using an iridescent substance found in fish scales.

Lipsticks began to gain popularity in the 16th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who made pale faces and intensely red lips fashionable. At that time, lipsticks were made from a mixture of beeswax and red plant pigments.

During the Second World War, the use of lipstick became widespread thanks to its use in the film industry.

Like most makeup products, lipstick is generally used in adolescence or adulthood, although some children have also been given lipsticks with some colors, glosses, flavors and essences in the form of moisturizers and lip balms. There are also lipsticks that come with a built-in lip liner.

Lips are an essential part of sensuality, and thanks to the creation of the lipstick, various effects and infinite combinations of colors are achieved (depending on the technique used).

Presentations or formula



As its name suggests, it has no or very little shine, giving a dull look to the lips. This type of lipstick lasts longer and provides a high content of color pigments. It has the disadvantage of making lips look chapped and some people think it looks better on big lips but can be used on lips of all sizes.

Creamy Lipstick

This is the most popular texture. They provide a creamier and shinier finish than matte but are lighter. Because they are creamy they can moisturize the lips. They tend to last less time than the matte type.

Liquid with color

Liquid or gel lipsticks have more shine than creamy ones. Their biggest disadvantage is that they don’t last long and you have to constantly reapply them. They are recommended for thin lips. The types of lipsticks called spots or stains belong to this category but they are different because they tend to dry out or look dry, they are ideal for people who want a natural look.

Lip Gloss

They add color and shine but are almost transparent. They are ideal for people who don’t like to look “made-up”. They don’t last long and can be used over matte or creamy pencil to give them more shine.

Durable lipstick

They are relatively new and promise many hours on the lips. It is a dry formulation that can affect the delicate skin of the lips.

Specialty Lipsticks

In this category we are putting lipsticks that promise special benefits like making lips look bigger. This is achieved with substances that temporarily inflame the lips and make them look a little bigger.

Here are also those that have moisturizers. These are cream lipsticks that have other ingredients such as vegetable waxes or aloe vera. Since they are very creamy, they don’t last long but they do moisturize.

Do you get lost when it comes to choosing the ideal lipstick for you? Forget about that, we present you a complete guide to know all the types of lipsticks. Take note and find out what the world of lipstick has in store for you.

Lips rule the universe of beauty. From subtle looks to intense colors, with matte or ultra shiny finishes, today we can find all the lipsticks we can imagine and give our smile a different look every time. Are you ready to know more?


The skin of the lips is very sensitive. One of the worst sensations is when it cracks due to the use of dry products. To avoid this sensation I chose lipsticks with super moisturizing formulas. If you’re also looking to add sun protection, try Hydra Extreme which adds collagen and SPF 15.


We love the matte finish because it accompanies us at all times: from natural makeup to the most daring looks, giving the final touch to the most trendy styles. Plus, they’re super versatile: for lipstick fans, there are options like Color Sensational Matte Nudes with warm pigments that reinforce natural lip color. For those who are dying for easy application of liquid lipstick and want a super-pigmented mouth, Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid is perfect. If you’re looking for long-lasting, non-transferable lipstick that stays with you from day to night, try SuperStay Matte Ink. The trend is on, and for those who always want to try the latest, there’s Superstay Matte Ink Un Nudes, with bolder, less conventional shades, more pigment and up to 16 hours of wear.


When you want your mouth to be illuminated and to capture all the light, lip gloss is the best. The ideal is to get one that is comfortable and not sticky so that it is easy to wear. Color Sensational Vivid Hot Lacquer has a glossy effect and saturated colors with a lacquer effect. You can apply it by lining up your lips starting from the center of your upper lip towards the corners. Another option is to use it to achieve a biting mouth effect by starting the application in the center of your upper lip and blending it towards the edge following the contour of your mouth.


Let your lips speak for you. They’re the canvas to express yourself with vivid, intense looks, matte finishes, or customized fading tones. Be subtle, be INTENSIVE. We have all the lipsticks, lip balms and lip liners you’ll ever need. Find your cherry red lipstick, choose a perfect jam gloss, apply a creamy matte or treat your lips with the best lip balms that restore, protect and beautify your lips.

The definitive manual on lipsticks: types and uses


The choice of lipstick will depend on the occasion and the style you want to project. Know all the types so you don’t take risks
They take up very little space and you can never have enough of them. Lipsticks are the oldest and most widely used cosmetic product in the world. Just one year ago, in 2015, celebrated a century of life became an icon of popular culture and major weapon of female seduction.

But, how many types of lipsticks exist and how is their use? Here you have a complete manual to know all the types of lipstick according to the effect you want to achieve and the duration you are looking for. The selection will always depend on the occasion and the style you want to project. Besides the appearance, the texture of the lipstick is very much linked to its duration. The duller and purer the pigment, the longer it will last, although there is always the risk of cracking and drying out the lip.

Types of lipsticks

Bar: This is the most classic format and, although it has had strong competitors, it is still the most used.

Lipstick: Also known as eyeliner. It allows to define or redraw the shape of the lips making the finish much nicer and adjusting to the needs of each woman. The ideal is to use it in a color similar to that of the bar; if you are going to put on just gloss use the nude shade. Its application requires a certain technique, or rather patience.

Lipstick in pencil: Halfway between eyeliner and lipstick of a lifetime. They are very popular because they allow you to paint the lip with great precision but with a more creamy texture.

Liquid Lipstick: It is gaining positions to the creamy lipstick of a lifetime because of its easy application with a built-in brush and its increasingly durable results.

Gloss: It can be found in several formats, all equally comfortable and practical (keep in mind that it requires constant retouching). They can be small cylindrical bottles with a rounded applicator in the tip, with a tip in the shape of a small brush or with an applicator from which the product comes out when you apply it with a slight pressure.

In cream: It can be found in palettes of several tones that are applied with a special brush for lips (now they are very fashionable the retractable ones) or in bottles similar to those of the facial creams but of a very small size.

In marker: The format is identical to that of a marker of those big ones we use to highlight or color.

Matte lipstick: They tend to provide a more sober look but are increasingly popular also for evening events. The range goes from nude to “vamp” black. The biggest danger they have is that although they paint a lot and last a long time, lips tend to lose moisture. Little by little this problem is being solved, thanks to firms like L’Oréal, for example, which has brought out the iconic Color Richie with this pigment but without forgetting the hydration.

Semi-matte lipstick: This may be the newest type and almost all makeup and cosmetic firms are bringing out new lipsticks that promise moisturization without giving up longevity. On July 16th, Mary Kay presented a new semi-matte lipstick in six different shades with velvety effects. Clinique has opted for lipstick + a conditioning base to achieve this effect with an 8-hour wear time. And Bourjois has enriched the formula of its mattes with silk powder and shea butter, extending the color up to 12 hours without losing comfort.

Creamy lipstick: The most classic option and one of the most demanded because of its wide variety of colors – like those of Kiko Milan – and the softness it brings to the lips. The duration is medium. MAC has enriched them with creamy extra-emollients and Chanel has just presented its new Rouge Coco Stylo.

Ultra-shiny lipsticks: The most daring and ideal to give the smile volume and a great luminosity. Perfect for women with thinner lips. The biggest problem is the short duration and requires constant retouching to ensure the desired finish. Most firms have improved their glosses to avoid the uncomfortable sticky texture. They can be applied alone, next to the eyeliner or over the matte or fixed stick to provide hydration.

Long-lasting: Many women are completely “hooked” on fixed lipsticks, which can give very good results in terms of duration, but which carry many risks. The lips lose moisture almost completely and are very aggressive.

What we must not lose sight of

Extra-Volume Balsams and Treatments: There are those with sun protection or simply moisturizers, such as cocoa or petroleum jelly. The brands include in their catalogs balsams in beautiful cases, like Chanel, so that they soon become objects of desire.

On the other hand, La Prairie has a lip balm that provides volume while eliminating the cracks and dryness of the lips with emollient and moisturizing ingredients. It also contains dehydrated hyaluronic acid that provides volume and turgidity providing younger lips.

Helena Rubinstein, finally, offers extra volume treatments that create like a mattress on your lip making it firmer and more toned. The collagen that it contains immediately fills in the cracks giving the sensation of a fuller lip. Obviously it is not as economical as lipstick, its price is 50 euros.

What lipstick favors our skin tone more?

Find out which lipsticks are most suitable for your skin tone and find your ideal lipstick for day and night
We have to acknowledge this. The time to say “I have enough lipstick” will never come. Because with how cheap they are, how little they take up and how happy they make us, who can resist?

Every year, brands launch new ranges with colors that, as much as they find it hard to understand, have nothing to do with the ones they wore last year. Because marsala has nothing to do with wine, nor burgundy with carmine, right?

Arguments for having our own lipstick arsenal will never be lacking because cosmetic brands dedicate a large part of their R+D efforts to finding new shades with different finishes that will hypnotize us and make us run to the store to buy.

What we must have clear is the difference between what we like (almost everything) and what suits us

What we should be clear about is the difference between what we like (almost everything) and what suits us when it comes to choosing lipstick. To do this, we will take into account our skin color as the first basic reference, but also influences the color of hair and clothing and accessories of each moment

Light skin

Ideal colors: oranges and corals, light roses and a range of fuchsias and lighted roses.
For the evening: red, of course, and eggplant is the trend for this skin tone
They do not favor them: nude tones or browns in general. Because of their light skin tone, they give them a sickly look.

Medium skin

Ideal colors: general mid-tones. Browns, garnets, dark pink, nude shades (for natural looks) and dull oranges.
For the evening: cherry, carmine red or bright pink
They do not favor them: the very dark browns, since they harden their features too much, especially if the hair is brown or brown.

Dark skins

Ideal colors: both light and dark favor brown skins and, above all, those of color.
For the night: burgundy or a light tone that contrasts if your complexion is dark.
They do not favor them: mauves and purples. They give them a very dull look.

The curious case of the “rouge

Lip red is a basic in any woman’s boudoir, whatever your skin tone. All it requires is good eyeliner (you can tell if you’re painting your lips asymmetrically) and definite but not heavy eye makeup. In general, you can say that bright red feels like light skin blondes; carmine feels like medium skin tones, and dark reds (burgundy) feel like colored skin. Although you can always find a Rihanna willing to show you that even neon red looks good on her.

Some tips to keep in mind

In addition to skin tone, hair color, the look you choose and your personal tastes, there are a number of details to consider when deciding on a lipstick color:

Gloss can be an ideal complement to a dazzling mouth, but keep in mind that it favors thicker lips. Thin lips gain volume with matte finishes.
If you have yellowish tooth enamel, don’t use lipsticks with yellowish undertones such as orange or coral red. The best thing to do in these cases is to opt for lipsticks that provide contrast and make your teeth look whiter.

If you have deep wrinkles (not so much to do with age as with your genes), use better matte-finish lipsticks, especially if you want to wear a strong color. The reason is that these lipsticks are less likely to fade over time, so you’ll avoid further marking the wrinkles around your lips. In addition, if this is your case, the lip liner will be a good weapon of containment.

Also, keep in mind that dark colors harden the mouth a lot and make it smaller, so they favor thin lips less.

Tip: how to discover your “natural” lip tone


A trick to discover the lip tones that naturally favor you can try to exfoliate your lips, since the color that your mouth acquires after this treatment will be the one that fits perfectly with your skin tone.

To exfoliate your lips you can use a specific product or use a homemade exfoliant (with sugar and olive oil, almonds, or argan, for example). After massaging your lips and removing impurities and dead skin, you will have reactivated the circulation and will get a different tone to the one your lips usually have: pink, cherry, orange, brown, etc. That will be the tone that favors you yes or yes, and you can carry with you always in the bag to be ready at any time.

Step by step to a perfect and lasting lip red

We give you the keys to look a “rouge” of heart attack and remain impeccable all day
The red of the lips is one of the talismans of our boudoir. The pretty girl among the lipsticks that cannot be missing for those days when we feel like having a lighted mouth. We love it. We agree on that, don’t we?

However, whatever the shade and undertone, lip red is a color that is usually not easy to wear, since it doesn’t go well with any makeup or any look. So, for example, unless you’re going to be performing on Broadway, it’s not recommended that you combine it with very intense eye makeup, because the overall look would be too overdone.

A red lipstick requires flawless makeup because it makes our complexion stand out more

In addition, a red lipstick requires wearing impeccable makeup because it makes our complexion stand out more, highlighting possible errors in the application of foundation and powders, such as lines and spots. On top of that, we can’t say that it’s easy to line lips in bright red (especially when you’re doing it for the first time), because it’s very easy to find the wrong shape and to overdo the lines.

When we also begin to have wrinkles in the lip contour, especially in the famous “bar code”, it becomes an impossible task to prevent that throughout the day our beautiful red lipstick is undoing between the cracks giving the fret with our look and leaving a neglected aspect of our mouth.

How can we avoid these inconveniences? We show you in this simple step-by-step guide in which you will make red lipstick your faithful ally:

STEP 1. Cover your lips with a lip primer (lip base) or, if not, with a fluid concealer. This will allow you to prepare a base that will help fix the lipstick better so that your lip red lasts all day.

STEP 2. Apply a lip liner in a red shade as similar as possible to the lipstick you’ll use later. To outline, always start from the outside to the inside and complete the line of the lips with small strokes. If you try to outline your mouth with a single stroke is very easy to make a mistake and have to start over. It is best to go slowly and slowly.

STEP 3. Fill in the whole lip with the same liner to increase the fixation of the lipstick and create a base undertone.

STEP 4. With a lip brush, paint the entire surface with your red lipstick trying to be precise and not to exceed the lip liner. As with the outline, go slowly giving successive passes that completely cover the lip.

STEP 5. With a natural hair brush (fan, for example) apply a light layer of translucent powder on the lips to seal the color. If you don’t have this type of powder, you can use talcum powder, because it will give you the same result. But try to make the layer light and not look like you just ate a cupcake.

STEP 6. With the brush, apply a last layer of red lipstick to intensify the color and remove the excess product by pressing a paper between the lips.

STEP 7. To add volume, define and illuminate the lip contour, apply the fluid concealer outside the lips as if it were an external outline. This will also allow you to nuance and correct errors. Blur the concealer with a specific brush and brush the line with a touch of powder to seal the effect.

With these steps you’ll get a matte red lipstick, but if you want, you can apply a touch of gloss over your red lipstick for a more sparkling finish. Always do it with small touches of your fingertip so as not to ruin your red lip makeup.

Famous red lipsticks

Today all brands of makeup have their own range of reds with shades that, although at first glance seem very similar, end up making us fall again and again in the temptation. Because a matte blood red is not the same as a fiery coral, right? If you haven’t found your fetish red yet, here are some of the most coveted by women around the world:

Now that you see them, aren’t you looking forward to putting on some red lipstick?

Seven ways to put makeup on your lips

Here is a summary of the main ways to apply lipstick that every woman should try at least once in her life
Putting on lipstick is more than just sliding the bar in your mouth. We don’t get the same effect if we apply a “gloss” as if we decide to wear a blood red. In addition, each lip look is combined with a different eye makeup and style. Because every lip makeup tells a different story.

Here we show you the most common ways to apply lip makeup, one of the trends that comes to us from the catwalks:


The quintessential carmine that every woman has ever wanted to try. It favors blondes, chestnuts, redheads and brunettes, both in light, medium and dark skins. Find your ideal tone and pigment to the maximum your lips of red granting them all the prominence. You choose if you prefer gloss or matte finish.

The best thing is to use a lip liner of the same shade as the lipstick or an invisible one that prevents the lipstick from slipping between the wrinkles of the contour, something very common with the passage of time and that, with this type of tones, is very evident. It is also advisable to apply a pre-base or a little bit of concealer before, so that the lipstick stays on for longer.


A very established trend in recent years and that favors both blondes and brunettes, especially if combined with intense eye makeup. Apply it with a little gloss or lip balm to make a difference in the texture of your skin and take advantage of it to combine it with a feline eyeliner or a smoky eye look.


All you need is some gloss and highlighter to give you fresh, natural-looking lips that you can wear almost any time. In addition, this type of makeup will make your mouth look fuller thanks to the play of light and shadow.

First, exfoliate your lips to give them a healthy color and look. Then, apply a lip color line, and outline thicker underneath the center of your lower lip to give a feeling of depth. Apply a colorless lip balm or gloss and remove any excess with a paper towel. Finally, apply highlighter to Cupid’s arch and the center of the lower lip to achieve a 3D effect.

Dark Lips

Dark colors on the lips are a powerful “look” in themselves, as if they were a garment. They favor very light skins, but also feel good on darker skins. The ideal is to apply them carefully with an identical outline that defines the contour of our mouth (just above the contour, in the case of thin lips) and give volume in the Cupid’s arch and in the center of the lower lip with a little illuminator. In this way, the shape of the lips will not be lost with the darkness of the tone.

To accompany this type of tones plum, eggplant and brown, it is advisable to make up the eyes just enough to define them and, in the case of women with light eyes, give them a touch of depth with a brown shadow blurred all around.

Matte lips

Many brands have launched ranges of matte lipsticks in response to customer demand for this trend. But all we have to do is apply a few translucent powders to our favorite lipstick to achieve that matte finish that attracts so much attention. It is a look that is very sophisticated due to the lack of artifice in the finish. The key is to bisque a vibrant tone and remove any trace of shine.

Lip liner

The most classic form of lip make-up with lip liner has evolved in recent years. Gone is the fashion of profiling with a darker pencil than lipstick or wearing a dark profiler with a transparent gloss. Now we must always look for pencils of similar shades to the lipsticks we use or, failing that, outline with lipstick and a brush.

In addition, we can take advantage of the lip liner pencil to gain fixation with our lipstick, making up the entire surface of the mouth, as a pre-basic.

Bitten lips

It’s the latest trend in lip makeup, which is looking for a natural and almost carefree look. It is achieved by touching lipstick with the fingertips in the center of the lips and blurring the contour with makeup. It is quite achieved with lit tones such as coral, oranges, fuchsias or burgundy. It’s a way to wear intense lipstick with a more natural and less overpowering touch.

This is what you have to do so that your lipstick does not stain the mask

Find out what kind of lipstick and makeup tricks will allow you to paint your lips without staining your hygienic mask
The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. Everything from the most essential to the most accessory has been affected by the measures that the exceptional health situation forces us to take. In this context, even everyday gestures such as applying simple make-up are altered.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, cosmetic searches on the Internet have changed trend, raising to the top eye makeup products (with mascara on the head) and relegating the searches related to lip makeup. This is what a study by the digital marketing company specialized in “search intelligence” Captify shows. And no wonder, because wearing lipstick with the obligatory mask has become a real feat.

Although we expect the mask to remain in our lives in the long term, we are not planning to give up on lipstick. That doesn’t mean we give up on the idea of wearing a mask (and face) full of lipstick stains. It does mean that we have to opt for tricks and products that guarantee that our lipstick will be compatible with the mask.

Permanent Lipstick

We are talking about lipsticks with long-lasting formulas, with non-transferable colors for hours and a matte finish. This is the case of Super Stay Matte Ink from Maybelline NY, whose liquid ink offers total coverage that is resistant to drinking, eating and rubbing for 16 hours.

If you already have long-lasting lipstick in your bag, it’s time to use it and expand the color range for the fall/winter season. If not, it’s a good time to invest in this type of lipstick so you don’t have to worry about putting on and taking off your mask.

Hydration 24 hours

With daily use of the mask, it is easy for us to feel that our lips are getting too dry, even more so if we use permanent bars. A moisturized lip is the best canvas for a proper finish, even with long lasting formulas. That’s why it’s important that we keep our lips in good condition by occasionally removing peeling skin and applying lip balm frequently.

However, it would be useless to apply a lip balm just before our permanent or long-lasting bar. Ideally, the lips should already be treated and free of product at the time of applying color, so it’s advisable to exfoliate and moisturize them when we’re not going to put on makeup (when we go to bed, for example).

If we have to apply balm while we make up because they are dry, we must make sure we remove the excess product with a handkerchief just before applying the color so that it adheres properly and does not stain the mask.

No shine

Satin lipsticks and gloss lipsticks are not compatible with the use of the hygienic mask. Instead, we should opt for matte formulas that, while they tend to dry out the lip more, last longer and allow us to avoid stains caused by rubbing. So they are ideal if we have to wear a mask.

Similarly, although we use a permanent lipstick, it is not recommended to apply any type of balm or “gloss” on top to avoid spoiling the finish and resulting in the appearance of stains.

Profiler as a base

One trick we always recommend to prolong the life of any lipstick is to prepaint the lips with a lip liner in the same shade. That is, the previous step to apply our lipstick will be to outline the lip with the pencil and fill it in afterwards. This base will make the lipstick last much longer and will not slide down the little wrinkles around the mouth.

The handkerchief trick

Another classic when it comes to prolonging the life of our lipstick and keeping it intact despite the rubbing. It consists of “drying” the lips with a tissue once we have applied the color. In this way we will absorb the excess of product that has not been fixed in the mouth and that can give rise to stains.

Even in case we do not have a permanent lipstick, we can resort to this trick with lipsticks that are not matte, applying after the handkerchief a touch of translucent powder with the brush very discharged not to saturate.

Makeup fixer

If our lipstick doesn’t have a long-lasting formula, we can seal your finish and extend it longer by applying a makeup fixative spray. The same one we apply on the rest of the face to fix the base and not deteriorate with the rubbing of the mask will serve to fix the color in our lips and look a radiant mouth when we can remove the mask.