Heart attack eyelashes: learn how to use your idel mascara correctly

Have you ever imagined yourself without eyelashes? Weird, isn’t it? Eyelashes help you look better. In fact, women usually modify their eyelashes to feel more attractive. But besides their aesthetic function, both eyebrows and eyelashes help and protect our body, and more specifically our eyes.

The eyelashes


Eyelashes take care of your eyes and help them stay healthy. Their main function is to protect the eye from possible external impurities. Their shape and location in our body prevent the passage of objects and bacteria, which keeps our eyes healthy. We could say that the eyelashes are like shields that prevent objects such as dust, sand, glass and other materials from damaging the eyeball.

Another function we could attribute to them is that they filter the sunlight so that it does not affect or irritate our eyes.

So, you cannot forget that to have healthy eyes, it is very important to take care of our eyebrows and eyelashes. That’s why we recommend not abusing the waxing or makeup in that area to try to damage them as little as possible and so they can continue to fulfill their function.

Tell me what eyelashes you want and I’ll tell you what brush you need

Mascara or mascara (term derived from the trademark Rimmel) is a cosmetic used to darken, thicken, curve and define the eyelashes.

The colors, inks, and formulas used in making mascara are diverse. Some of the ingredients used in its manufacture include water, wax expanders, film formers and preservatives.

Mascara comes in three formats: cream, lozenge and liquid. Liquid mascara is the most common, because its tubular packaging usually includes a brush for easy application. These brushes can be straight or curved and have thin or thick bristles. Some applicators contain rayon or nylon fibers to lengthen the lashes.


Its precedent was the kohl, galena or malachite powder used to outline the eye contour in Egypt by men and women since the most remote times. By Egyptian influence, its use spread to the rest of the Near East as a feminine cosmetic, being among Greeks and Romans made with a mixture of ash and honey. With the fall of the Roman Empire its use disappeared in the West, while on the contrary in the Near and Middle East it continued to be widely used.

The first mascara was invented in the 19th century by the French entrepreneur Eugène Rimmel, whose surname would become the product’s homonym in several languages. Modern mascara was created in 1915 by chemist T. L. Williams for his sister Mabel. It was made of carbon powder mixed with Vaseline. The product was a success when Mabel and Williams began selling it in 1917 through the mail. Their company, Maybelline, eventually became one of America’s leading cosmetic companies.

Consumers would wet a brush, rub it on a mascara lozenge, and then apply it to the eyes. The modern tube and its applicator brush did not appear until 1957, when it was introduced to the market by businesswoman Helena Rubinstein. By facilitating the application, the product gained in popularity.

Waterproof masks have a composition based on a volatile solvent (isododecane), animal waxes (beeswax), vegetable waxes (carnauba wax), mineral waxes (kerosene), pigments (iron oxide) and fixative polymers. These types of masks do not contain water-sensitive functional groups, offering excellent resistance to tears, sweat or rain. The water-resistant mascara can only be removed with a specific make-up remover, capable of diluting the mascara film formed on the eyelashes.

Non-waterproof mascara is based on water, mild surfactants, animal, vegetable and mineral eyebrows, as well as pigments, polymers and preservatives. These mascaras are capable of withstanding tears, but can be easily removed with a little soap and water.

Waterproof masks are similar to oil or solvent-based paints. On the contrary, the non waterproof mascara is similar to the water-based paint. Those masks with an intermediate level of water resistance contain polymer dispersions.

Mascara containing nylon fibers can give eyelashes a better and more durable appearance because it adheres to the lash like small extensions. Pro-vitamin B5 acts as a conditioner for eyelashes, giving them a softer and more natural look.

The applicator brush should be dipped into the mascara tube and then rubbed from the base of the lashes to the tip. The brush is made of plastic and is for personal use.

Another purpose of mascara is to curl the lashes. The length of the eyelashes can also be increased by reapplying mascara after two or three minutes. Moisture from some mascaras can cause lashes to stretch during application, which is easily resolved by using a waterproof mascara with a drier formula.

For safety and health issues, mascara should be discarded after three months of opening the container.

The variety of mascara on the market is so large that there have been cases of couples who have broken in the middle of Sephora because she was not able to decide.

Long, natural, curved, voluminous, dense, architectural, false, like butterfly wings, Japanese design … In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re talking about eyelashes. The variety of masks that you can find in the market is so large that there has been the case of couples who have broken in the middle of Sephora, because she was not able to decide on a particular one.

Eyelash mascara is one of the basics that can never be missing from your beauty routine, since it is capable of enhancing any look by itself, but woe betide you, if you are not faithful to one in particular and fall prey to advertising and marketing! For your own good, and to avoid the social dramas derived from your indecision, read on. To find the perfect mascara, you just have to know what you’re looking for.


If you are not able to keep loyalty to a specific brand or type of brush, at least commit to your pocket. If you have set yourself a budget of, for example, 15 euros, don’t go up a single euro more. Within the beauty brands of great consumption or low cost, you are going to find a lot of variety to choose from and limiting what you want to spend will help you focus on a certain number of proposals.


The next step is more complicated: deciding what effect you want to give to your eyelashes. To do this you must be as objective as possible and look at yourself in the mirror. Your lashes may be naturally long, so you won’t need a mascara to add length. Maybe what they lack is a bit of curvature, or maybe they’re too bulky, but short. Analyze your lashes and opt for a mascara that complements their natural shape, adding what’s missing.

To do this, the formula of the mascara is important, but the brush applicator is the tool that will help you work them to perfection. Remember that the correct way to apply it is from the root to the ends, with a slight zigzag movement. But each brush is a world.


– If you’re looking for natural lashes, go for the tubular shape, the typical mascara brush shape. It keeps the same diameter at the tip as at the end and adds a little volume and definition.

Studio Fix Boldblack Lash by MAC

– If you prefer to add definition, what you need are spiral brushes, which reach all eyelashes and make-up evenly. That’s why they manage to enlarge the look.

Great Lash Mascara, by Maybelline

– To add a touch of drama or what is the same, long, curved and voluminous, the best are the rubber brushes with long and tight bristles. The size and disposition of the cedars allows you to reach all the lashes, while the rubber keeps the ideal amount of product to work on them.

They’re real, from Benefit

– If you’re looking for volume and curvature, look for curved brushes with lots of bristles to capture all the lashes. The trick to using these brushes is to first pass the concave part of the root towards the end and then add definition at the ends with the convex part.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, by Dior

– To achieve a greater length, choose a mask whose brush is elongated and its bristles, short and straight, that is capable of distributing the product from the root.

High Lengths Mask, by Clinique

The 10 best low-cost mascara on the market


The mascara is one of the most important makeup basics, and one of the best sellers in the world. We have analyzed which are the best mascara on the online market at a low cost price and available on Amazon. We also tell you which are the favorites of the famous!

How many times have you said that you can go out without putting on makeup from home, but not without applying mascara?
Well, that, which is one of the most important areas when applying makeup are the eyes and specifically the eyelashes.

At the same time, this makeup element is one of the most difficult to find that is to our liking. What if it weighs down the lashes, what if it does not lengthen enough, what if it is not as black as it should … There is always a mascara that does not convince us at all, but, for that, we have made a selection with the 10 best at low cost prices and best sellers in the online market.
In addition, we tell you the favorite masks of some famous women , so that you know their beauty tips.

A good mascara will make your look more intense , deeper and your eyes stand out much more. One of the biggest keys to seduction is a penetrating and striking look, and that can help you get a good mascara, and of course know how to apply it.

How to apply the mascara?

Not only is it a matter of having a quality mascara, but knowing how to apply it is super important .
It is useless for us to have a good raw material if we do not know how to use it and take advantage of it .
That is why we tell you in 4 simple steps how to apply it:

1) Start by combing your eyelashes before applying the mascara: in particular you have to use a special brush or comb to comb eyelashes , or a colorless eyelash primer that will help you comb them and at the same time to help you set the mascara better and achieve a better result. you have to use a special brush or comb to comb eyelashes , or a colorless eyelash primer that will help you comb them and at the same time to help you set the mascara better and achieve a better result.

2) On the upper lashes, apply the mascara first above and then below the lash: that is, you have to comb them as if they were your own hair. By combing them over the top, and then underneath (as you usually do) you get a greater volumizing effect.

3) Don’t forget the lower lashes, they are very important !: the lower lash area is also made up, of course. In this case, being smaller and less dense, you have to use the upper part of the brush very carefully and with lateral movements, so as not to stain your skin and end up like a panda.

4) A second coat at the ends will finish the look with an intense look:Before the mascara dries completely, apply a second coat only from medium to ends and moving the brush from side to side. You will be able to expand your lashes or maximize the volume.

The 10 best mascara on the market at a low cost price:

1. L’oreal – Mega volume with collagen 24h


This is the best-selling mascara par excellence. And that’s because it has one of the best value for money in the industry.
Its main characteristic is that the brush it has is 2 times larger than conventional ones, which provides a greater flare for the eyelashes.
And also thanks to the collagen that it includes in its formula, it densifies the volume of the eyelashes for 24 hours.

2. Maybelline – Push Up Drama


Gigi Hadid’s favorite mascara.
Gigi does not hesitate to dazzle every time she steps on the street and her eyes are one of her biggest claims, in addition to her lips. And she has confessed that one of her secrets is to use this Maybelline mascara on a daily basis.
Specifically, it stands out because it has a cup-shaped brush that covers all the eyelashes, curving them up to 90º .
Formula enriched with waxes for greater fixation.

3. L’oreal – Paradise Extatic


Another mascara that is an absolute best seller from L’oreal.
We love it because its creamy formula is enriched with castor oil , a special oil that cares for and lengthens your lashes as a treatment.
In addition, the brush is extra soft.

4. Maybelline – Lash Sensational


This is one of Maybelline’s flagship products , claimed by women from all corners of the world.
The best thing about it is its fan effect brush with 6 sizes of short and long bristles , which covers even the shortest lashes and unfolds them one by one.
The best? It has a super low-cost price!

5. L’oreal Volumissime X5 Carbone


Kim Kardashian’s favorite mascara.
Kim is a powerful woman, she loves to show off her image, and that is why she uses this mascara from L’oreal.
This mythical mascara multiplies by 5 the volume of your lashes from root to tip without clumps or caking.

6. Maybelline – The Colossal Big Shot


One of the most desired mascara of the Maybelline brand is this and we have seen it in countless vines about beauty routines on YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram.
It stands out because the brush is shorter and extra large to cover more lashes from beginning to end and is especially anti-lumpy.
The best thing is its price, get it for less than $5!

7. Max Factor – Masterpiece


Max Factor is one of the highest quality makeup brands at quite affordable prices. It is used by countless professional makeup artists and for a reason it will be, and one of their star products is this Masterpiece mascara. Its brush has IFX technology that perfectly reaches the lashes at the corners of the eyes and covers them evenly, providing definition and separation. It is ideal for women with sensitive eyes or who wear contact lenses.

8. L’oreal – Ulimited mask


This is the mask that Sara Carbonero , known as the girl with the most beautiful eyes on television, always wears .
The grace and what makes this mascara stand out is that the handle of the brush bends to the sides so that you can handle it to your liking and get to the most complicated lashes such as the tear ducts.
Its effect and coverage last 24 hours.

9. Maybelline – Total Temptation


This Maybelline mascara has a fine bristle brush designed to give multiple layers to your lashes. A different way to do your makeup, instead of a layer or two with a lot of product, applying more layers and building and shaping lashes like that.
Its formula contains coconut extract to provide softness and hydration and is also waterproof .

10. Astor – Big & Beautiful BOOM!


Astor is another reference brand in makeup that brings us a quality mascara at a low-cost price.
Its formula enriched with collagen provides density and cares for and protects the eyelash from daily damage.
It also has an exclusive applicator «One-Coat Brush» of giant size for some eyelashes of infarction.

Astor is another reference brand in makeup that brings us quality mascara at a low-cost price.
Its collagen-enriched formula provides density and cares for and protects the eyelash from daily damage.
It also has an exclusive “One-Coat Brush” applicator of giant size for a few eyelashes of infarct.

EXTRA – Maybelline Mascara: Which is the best of 2020?


Welcome to a new installment of reviewbox. Today we will be talking about Maybelline mascara, a product that you have surely had the opportunity to appreciate on different occasions and that have captivated the world more than once with its incredible and excellent quality.

Without a doubt, this brand has proven over the years that it is one of the best, so we believe it is necessary to tell you about each of the characteristics that are part of their mascara, because only in this way can we ensure that you have a better one. vision when making your purchase, without risk of acquiring a wrong model.

First things first

The best-selling Maybelline mascara


If you are thinking of a mascara that will become your best friend and accompany you throughout the day, the Maybelline Vex falsies is the one that suits you best, as it is manufactured to enhance your eyelashes much more, no matter how short, it is also completely a waterproof, which makes it the best of all.

Maybelline waterproof mascara


Sometimes we not only concentrate on how well our mascara will make us look, but also on the duration of the makeup that we will do and if it is a priority for you, it is best to buy the Maybelline Volume Express Colossal, as it is proof of water and maintains its quality for 24 hours.

The best Maybelline enhancing mascara


Finally we present you The Falsies Push Up Angel, a Maybelline mascara that has become popular due to its high quality and excellence when it comes to enhancing the lashes, even if they are not too long. Get it for an excellent price available only for you.

Buying Guide: What You Need To Know About Maybelline Mascara

One point that you should always pay attention to is that in order to achieve a totally successful purchase you must have a good vision of the product that we are about to buy, that is why today we have prepared a buying guide with all the information that we believe you need to know.


Maybelline mascara is characterized by being innovative and of excellent quality. (Photo: Michael Simons / 123rf.com)

What is the best Maybelline mascara?

This is one of the biggest doubts that users who decide to purchase Maybelline brand mascara have, since there are too many variations that make it a bit difficult to know exactly which one is the best and although there is not a number one among all, we want tell you about the most outstanding.

The Maybelline TOTAL TEMPTATION WATERPROOF mascara has been one of the best valued by a large percentage of expert makeup users such as Charlotte Tilbury, since it is not only completely waterproof, but also enhances the look in a delicate way, it is for this reason it is considered one of the best.

What is the difference between Maybelline mascara and L’Oreal mascara?

We are quite clear that there is a wide variety of brands that can compete directly with Maybelline, however, the one that makes the most points of comparison is L’Oreal and we want to explain why.There are eyeliners for all kinds of budgets

The L’Oreal brand has always stood out for making its products completely luxury, which, for many people, is appreciated, but not for others, since it turns out not to be so accessible to everyone, thus making the one acquired really expensive.

However, Maybelline presents excellent products that also benefit our face in different aspects and have a completely accessible price for all types of public, thus making it one of the most popular brands around the world.

Maybelline Mascara Mascara L’Oreal
Price Medium, accessible to all audiences High, suitable for a limited audience
Popularity Alta, is one of the best makeup brands High, considered an excellent makeup brand
Spectrum Medium luxury Deluxe

How do I know if my maybelline mascara is original?

One of the most constant questions about Maybelline mascara is how to recognize if it has been counterfeited, because being a brand with such prestige it is very prone to not several, but thousands of imitations that may not give you the result you are expecting. . It is important to be very attentive to these points:

The brand on the packaging, maybelline products, especially mascara, are characterized by being quite striking in terms of typography and of course their name always stands out in the area between the lid and the container. Check that it is spelled correctly to make sure it is not an imitation.

The packaging, since on many occasions people who tend to fake brand makeup forget the fact that they always have a packaging, no matter how small, and usually sell it without any. If this happens at the time of making your purchase, you can be sure that it is an imitation.

The brush, we know that there are many types of mascara and in turn different brushes depending on it, so when purchasing your mascara model you must make sure that the brush that has it is perfectly consistent with the type it remains. Also, the brushes are usually soft, not rustic like faux ones.

“Did you know that the Maybelline brand started by making only mascara?”

Fun Facts: What You Didn’t Know About Maybelline Mascara

It is important to know very well the products that we are about to acquire, that includes the data that we usually ignore them, because only then will we have a better vision at the time of making our purchase, so today we want to talk to you about some questions that you may have asked yourself or others that you ignore.

Does Maybelline have eyebrow mascara?

The Maybelline brand was created due to the accident suffered by the founder’s sister in which she lost her eyebrows and eyelashes, which motivated him to manage to create products that covered those small details.

So yes, in addition to having mascara for eyelashes, it also has an eyebrow mascara that contains an excellent formula, which guarantees the public who acquires it, it has the quality they expect, because if this brand has stood out with the over the years is that she is neat in everything she does.

Where are Maybelline Mascara made?

The Maybelline brand was launched in New York City. Their products are manufactured there, making this give them much more prestige in many cities of the world, since we all know that New York is one of the most glamorous cities in fashion that exist.

Is it necessary to use false eyelashes for a better result?

A doubt that is very present among different users, since there are mascara that need more support to look incredibly fantastic, which, in this case, is not the case, since the Maybelline mascara formula is specifically designed to make natural eyelashes stand out no need for fake ones.

“Did you know that the brand is named after the founder’s sister?”

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different Maybelline Mascara models

Although it is a product that will help us highlight our face a little more, it is important to mention some aspects that are usually ignored and that are very necessary to know in order to have a completely successful purchase. Because we want you to feel satisfied.


It may sound silly, however, it is necessary that you evaluate what will be the use that you will be giving your Maybelline mascara, since only then will you be able to know which is the type that best suits your needs, thus avoiding an uncomfortable moment.

For parties: If you want to buy a Maybelline mascara to go to a party and want to show off spectacular makeup, the best thing you can do is use one that enhances the look and is especially waterproof, such as TOTAL TEMPTATION WATERPROOF , because this way you will avoid a spill accident.

For meetings: In case you are looking for a mascara for a casual makeup, it is best to acquire one that makes your eyes look intense, that darkens the color of your eyelashes much more. THE COLOSSAL BIG SHOT is undoubtedly the one that you will like best.

For the daily: And if what you want is a Maybelline mascara that is perfect for your daily makeup, you can buy one that is not so heavy when applied and that has a long duration, in order to look fabulous throughout the day. For these cases we recommend THE FALSIES PUSH UP ANGEL .

“Did you know that the Maybelline brand is over 100 years old?”


When purchasing your Maybelline mascara you must be very attentive to what its expiration time is, since unlike other mascara, it takes a little longer, another great advantage that places this wonderful product that you are about to acquire in a very high place. .

While it is true, most mascara once opened last between 5 to 6 months, however, the Maybelline brand mascara formula allows them to last between 7 to 8 months with no lumps in its content. Wonderful isn’t it?

Special editions

Another factor that has characterized Maybelline brand mascara is the fact that they are so innovative in many aspects, which they have shown in each of their products, including special editions, which tend to sell out really quickly due to their excellent quality and results:

One of the most popular special editions is undoubtedly the TOTAL TEMPTATION MERAKI mascara , which was not content to make the look noticeably enhance, but also to make the color much more intense, thus making the look of the wearer looks deeper than expected.

Another special edition that became the favorite of many is the Lash sentational mascara, whose main objective is to keep the eyelashes completely enhanced throughout the day, because we know that it is an odyssey that a fabulous makeup lasts more than two hours, however, for this issue that’s a piece of cake.